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About Us

NRS & Events, LLCis a family-owned, specialized marketing company capable of supporting your next product, message or rebranding campaign within the cycling industry.

NRS & Events works with multiple partners and leverages many industry contacts, to measurably bring your next marketing campaign to a targeted demographic, by providing custom-branded professional mechanical support at cycling events throughout North America

Founder & CEO

Butch Balzano

Meet Butch Balzano, the man behind NRS & Events powered by LOOK CYCLES

The newly released Volvo Cycling Support with ten Volvo V90’s touring the country in support of US cycling are is all orchestrated by this one person and an entourage of the best of the best in licensed bicycling mechanics!

My wife, and I say it’s a hobby gone bad. It was a hobby that was much needed after the stresses of my regular job as a music store owner 30 years ago in Pawtucket, RI.  It started as myself doing support with our station wagon going to races on the weekends. As I found more racers and promoters wanted our service and wanted me to come to events for support. Hence, the one station wagon became the program of today with our Sponsor Volvo suppling (10) ten V90’s along with Giant Bicycles supplying bicycles, Zipp Wheels;  Selle SMP saddles; Thule racks ;Feedback sports work stands; SKS pumps and Muc-Off bicycle care products without whom this wouldn’t exist.

My degree is in electronics; I have a degree from the Berkeley College of Music. I’m a piano player, and I used to tour all over the country with a band. My dad owned a bus company. He gave us this large Greyhound-sized bus. The bus was great to tour in, but the problem was if you wanted to go downtown or something the bus was just inconvenient. So, I used to take a bicycle.

To make a long story short, where my wife I had an apartment there was Wednesday night criterium…. I got involved in racing. I bought a music store, had a family and couldn’t stay competitive to put the time into training, so I decided to apply my mechanical skills and the rest is history.

Today we currently have over 100 events on our calendar and are on the road approximately 200 days a year supporting events and the new series of IBD Shop Visits!

I love the sport. That’s what keeps me in it. Don’t get me wrong, there’s a lot of work and details to juggle, however I’ve got a lot of licensed mechanics I work with that make this program work!